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Our Culture

What makes H&H Residential Properties Special? It’s Our People.

We define “culture” as knowing what you need to do when you come to work in the morning without having to read a manual or be told what to do. You should be passionate about what you do and enjoy going to work each day.

Culture is the attitude we bring to work every day— the pattern of thinking and acting with the customer in mind. It’s the habit of doing the right things, and doing things right. Its a thousand behaviours inherited from team members who came before us, behaviours that we model today and then pass on as our legacy for team members who come after us. It’s behaviours and attitudes that are core to who we are: respecting differences, honouring deadlines, listening to each other, keeping promises, returning phone calls and emails as promptly as we can, being on time for meetings.

Our success has as much to do with attitude as aptitude - what’s in our hearts, not just our heads. Our success depends on how much our team member’s care for each other, for their customers, their communities and our stockholders.

Enthusiasm and caring enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We want our culture to embody care and enthusiasm. We want our team members to have fun—because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn’t much fun. “Fun” for us means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our customers and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.

‘’In all our interactions with our clients, customers, business associates, and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us’’.