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Preparing Your Home for Sale

In the era of online advertising, making over a home for sale has never been so important or prolific. To compete with other homes on the market, it has become necessary to treat good property presentation as a compulsory selling tool. With excellent property presentation it equates directly to a higher selling price so the time, money and effort spent will undoubtedly be worth it.

With most sellers readily understand the importance of presentation, the reality of turning their home into an agent’s dream can be a little daunting. Here are some hints to ensure your home is in the best presentation to ensure you reap the financial rewards......


When sellers remove all personal effects from a home, it instantly becomes more appealing to a purchaser. The reason for this is purely psychological. If a buyer walks thru your property and finds it full of family photos, toys and knick knack, they will automatically feel they are invading someone else’s space and therefore will find it difficult to imagine them living there themselves. By filling your property with more generic artwork and accessories, the place will appeal to a much broader market.

Presentation of your property in an objective manner will help achieve maximum profit!


  • Remove photographs
  • Take everything off the fridge
  • Pack away sporting trophies & memorabilia
  • Remove controversial or religious books & material
  • Remove anything hanging from door handles or hooks on backs of doors, such as scarves, handbags & hats


  • Leave piles of clothes in visible places
  • Have toys in any room besides a play room or bedroom
  • Leave out personal toiletries in the bathroom
  • Leave out sporting equipment

Bathroom Tips

  • Give your bathroom a thorough clean; clean tiles and grouting and make sure your windows, mirrors and shower screens are streak-free
  • Air your bathroom well before inspection day, open windows and add some fragrant potpourri to the room
  • If you have a small bathroom then de-clutter by putting away ALL personal belongings. Look at moving tail rails to the back of the door as opposed to the wall
  • People love a little luxury so invest in some plush towels, handmade soaps and boutique bath products.


De-cluttering may seem straight forward, but the process is tedious. The easiest way to begin is to remove anything from visible surfaces. Piles of papers, newspaper and general household paraphernalia should be thrown out or stored. Ensure all hallways are clear and that nothing is left on top of cupboards or shelving units as this will make rooms appear smaller.

  • Remember, everything will eventually have to be packed up; by tackling most of it early, there will be less to do down the track.
  • Try to avoid shifting clutter to cupboards, purchasers will invariably look inside and it's important that they can see through to the back wall to gauge the size space.

Outdoor Checklist

  • Mow lawns and trim edges
  • Ensure garden is freshly tendered and mulched
  • Clean paved areas so they are free from moss
  • Keep potted plants to a minimum and renew any that are looking tired
  • Store hoses, watering cans, rakes, brooms and any other gardening tools as neatly as possible in the shed or under the house. If they don't have a home, than remove them completely.
  • Remove children’s swing sets, sand pits etc, to open up available yard space
  • If you have the room, place an outdoor setting in a suitable area to demonstrate the potential for outdoor entertaining
  • If you have a pool ensure it is clean and free of toys and equipment
  • Ensure the house has a visible street number

Exterior Touch-ups

People really can fall in love at first sight, so street appeal is critical for good property presentation. A poor first impression will generally lead to a more negative appraisal. Human nature dictates that a purchaser is more likely to overlook faults if their first impression is a good one.